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Pet Grooming That Makes a Difference

If you dog has greasy, matted hair and nails that are so long that it hurts him or her to walk, it is time for a bath. An amazing transition happens after an animal is cleaned up. Pampered Pooch Salon is here to put a smile on both the dog and owner. We strive to deliver reliable and speedy service in Coral Springs, Florida.

Grooming & Care

Pet grooming is just as important for the dog as it is for you. Thorough brushing removes dead hair, dirt, and debris that can house bacteria, mites, and parasites that make people sick. We don't require an appointment when you bring your dog in, but grooming usually lasts a couple hours. The price for our services depends on the size of the dog. We recommend bringing your four-legged friend in once a month for grooming to prevent hair from knotting, especially for long haired breeds.

We have a monthly plan available that is called the Bubbles and Blow Membership Club. This includes the grooming, which consists of bath, blow dry, dog nail clipping, and cleaning of the ears and anal glands. A small dog is $50 per month, a medium dog is $60 per month, a large dog is $70 per month, and an extra-large dog is $80 per month. Under this plan, you can bring your dog in as much as you want. The price for our maintenance plan without the membership is $35 for a small dog, $40 for a medium dog, $50 for a large dog, and $60 for an extra-large dog.

Dog Getting Groomed